Opnun í Mjólkurbúðinni - I Must Be Happy / Nigel Brie & DJ Vélarnar


Allow me to invite you to my art exhibition: I MUST BE HAPPY.
It will open at nine o'clock this evening, as a part of midsummer's magic, and end at 12 am. It will also be opened on saturday from 15:00 - 17:00.
I think it will be very amusing.
With me will be a local Dj Vélarnar Ari Lúðvíkson, so we will dance and have a blissful time. I also believe another secret someone will come and thrill us with moves.
There will be light refreshments.
Down below you can read more about me.
Be most welcome to the Svefnleikhúsið - The Sleep Theatre opening: I MUST BE HAPPY by Nigel Brie


Dear humans of Iceland. My name is Nigel Brie. I am a London based horse, born in France in 1979 so pardon my french… that is, my english spelling. I might misspell, mainly for I am mute, but i will try my best to be comprehensible.

All my life, humans have been making plans for me in order to make me happy. They say they only want whats best for me, but recently I have been doubting the glee of my existence. I find myself craving for more contentment, sometimes excitement… some jolly good times.

In reality my life is mainly repetition, that is, a cup of tea, work, another cup of tea, a false grin at my colleagues, a false grin in the store where i buy more tea and newspapers with exactly the same news and articles as the day before. This can not be all there is. This is not what i see on my television set.

The hero of my favourite book, Black Beauty, is a real stallion, consistently saving the day and everyone loves him. I watch Black Beauty on my telly as well as BoJack Horseman, and tho he might not feel successful, at least humans know who he is… or was… that’s more than i can say.

All i do is reliving the same day, no one hardly knows me. I am… a depressed nohorsy with dreams as big as the irritating fly on my back.

I have tried to change my ways. I began skipping tea for coffee and I bought a new television set. That hardly had any impact, none what so ever. I also signed up for a blind date, but no luck, and I began reading The Divine Comedy by Dante, and bloody hell that was.

I have therefor packed my bags, only to unpack them far away from London. In the newspapers I buy, there are always the same articles about Iceland. Everyone seems to wanna travel to Iceland. Everyone is doing a golden circle, a blue lagoon and pictures in the middle of nowhere. Everyone seems so very happy on these pictures.

So i bought a ticket to this joyful country and now i have arrived.
There were no hotels available in Reykjavík. Still, i mainly see hotels in Reykjavík. But apparently, the whole world is in here, and no room for someone horsin around.

I therefor bought a bus ticket to Akureyri, a city at the base of Eyjafjörður Fjord in northern Iceland.

Apparently, all they think about here is art. They have this whole summer dedicated to art. They are furious about it. And I like that.
My dreams might be small, but in my dreams, I am an art horse. And a happy one as well.

This is my only plan for staying here. I found a room in the middle of the Art Street in Akureyri.

It’s called Mjólkurbúðin. I think it means a milk shop but that makes no sense.

I will arrive approximately at nine nine o’clock this evening, local time.

I might need some help moving in the milk shop, for i brought all my plants and statues along to feel like home.

If anyone is interested, send me a private message. Only remember, I am mute and can not speak with you.

Thank you for reading this rather boring letter of mine
best regards
Nigel Brie

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