Tereza Kociánová sýnir í Kaktus


Föstudaginn 7. des opnar Tereza Kocianova einkasýningu í Kaktus undir heitinu: 529 m a.s.l.

Opið verður:
Föstudag: 20-23
Laugardag: 14-17
Sunnudag: 14-17

The small collection of portraits of Vindbelgjarfjall, I started making during my living next to lake Mývatn, last year.
View from the window of this hill, made me happy every morning and that starred my everyday routine. I tried to catch the feelings of those moments, so I started painting and drawn down some small pictures.
It happened be my obsession, but in a very positive way. I was painting that, even if I was in another place and I couldn't see it. The picture of it I burned into my mind. The top of the
hill is my genius loci, a place which I have in my memory probably forever.
~I never went to the top of the mountain.


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