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Opnun laugardaginn 11. nóvember 2017 kl. 19:00

Just an idea – as you said yesterday, that you see similarities in tarot cards/interpretations of each card vs. art pieces/interpretation of it, so the essence in both of them is - there is no wrong card, and obviously, there is no wrong art, right? So, my point is, that in both situations, there are no wrong answers (in the interpretations, or the process itself).

So maybe, just maybe, that somehow could be the title? Like – “There are no wrong answers”. Like, you know, when you look at an art piece, no matter the artist idea, you still wonder - What is that? Why and how etc. But, at the end, there are no wrong guesses, no wrong thoughts, because everybody is allowed to interpret a piece their own way, and I kind of always loved it about contemporary art, that signs may be taken out far from their initial meaning and used in a different way, but still, there are no wrong ways of doing that.

I dont know, if you are getting into all this, or is my mind just drifting in the wrong direction.

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